Japanese speaking ability and proof of permission to work in Japan are essential conditions.
SPEAKING JOIN US is a introduction system for students to find teachers for language lessons. Finding teachers is often a problem for students, and at times teachers have the same problem. Our system allows you as a teacher to register with us and then have lessons in an area specified by you, so you do not have to travel great distances to have lessons. The teacher teaches in their free time only, adding extra salary to their month, and this gives them the freedom to take on new work as they have free time.
It is also convenient for the student who is busy and has little time who can pick the area of their choice for lessons, and can find a teacher to match their free times.
Payment and is direct from the student, and the length of the lesson is set to prevent disagreements.
If you are interested in being a teacher for SPEAKING JOIN US then please click here to register. Registration is free and you don't pay any money at any time. You will be required to have a short interview and supply a photo for your application. Also you must be legally able to work in Japan to register. We also expect the teacher and student to act in good faith during their time together.

Payment info 50minutes 80minutes
One on one lesson
3000yen 4500yen
Semi private lesson
4000yen 6000yen

We operate within the Fukuoka city limits and you can teach at cafes or at home. The lesson will follow the student's choice and the teacher will keep to the student's lesson hopes. Of course you are responsible for the preparation of the lessons, and their quality, so it is in your best interests to give good lessons. You may give us a selection of texts you like to use as a choice for the student to pick from. Higher levels may not require a text, but perhaps prints. You will be reimbursed for your prints by the student.
You as the teacher will also be responsible for the final level assessment of the student and offer the appropriate text to the student. The first lesson will require you to be ready for any level as it will be a first meeting with the student. From there you will decide together on the appropriate text. (From your selection). It is suggested that you use commonly available text easily bought at major bookstores. If the student selects a cafe for lessons it will be impractical to use a text with tape portions in it due to disturbing other customers at the cafe.
Getting work from us is not guaranteed, but if you are accepted there is possibility of good regular work. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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